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The Blue Lotus Community Care Fund (CCF)

Historically marginalized folks are a lot more likely to deal with financial disadvantage, poor medical experiences, and chronic pain.

Touch and massage therapy have been shown both anecdotally and in peer-reviewed settings to play huge roles in quality of life and physical health. This is also an area of healthcare that is not subsidized (in most cases) outside of private health insurance and, thus, many folks simply can't access it due to cost.

The Community Care Fund fund takes micro-donations from the community to provide free or subsidized treatments to historically marginalized folks.

This fund is explicitly intended to increase access to bodywork, surgical aftercare, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for LGBTQ+ folks who are recovering from gender-affirming surgeries or preparing for such procedures.
This fund is also intended to increase access to massage therapy for marginalized folks doing social justice work in the community. As someone who values such work, but is not able to commit to every cause I would like, it's important for me to provide support to these folks by offering a safe, trauma-informed place of respite. 

As no person can be split into singular categories of identity. Clients inhabit a beautiful complexity and I feel honored to be able to be part of helping others feel seen, accepted, and more at home in their bodies. 

How It Works:


Donated funds go into a specific account, banking up until needed.

When someone receives a CCF treatment they are given the option to pay as much as they can between $0-$80*.
The outstanding amount is then withdrawn from the fund to pay for the session.

*CCF treatments include a low bono fee of $80


Folks wishing to access the CCF fund apply through a system separate from the commercial booking system.

Their names are then added to a list in chronological order.

On application folks can nominate an amount of money they would like to contribute to their session, however, this has no bearing on when they will receive treatment.

Next In Line

When someone’s name is next in line & there is money in the fund, they are contacted by email with directions on how to book.

The aim is to have people seen as soon as possible, but as this requires the supply of donations to meet the demand of folks requiring treatments, so waiting times can vary.

The CCF fund is able to be accessed as many times as needed by one individual at a limit of 1 x 1-hour treatment per month.

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