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Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
For *Health Concerns & General Wellness

*including: Cancer Recovery & Secondary Lymphedema, Toxic Mold Recovery, BII (Breast Implant Illness), Auto-immune conditions, etc

If you're a Cancer Survivor who experiences swelling in your extremities after lymph node removal or someone who lives with Primary Lymphedema - Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) sessions can help reduce discomfort and swelling over time and maintain results after Complete Decongestive Therapy (in the case of Primary Lymphedema.)


Clients who live with lymphedema generally have to receive lymphatic drainage, wear compression garments, and adopt lifestyle changes to reduce swelling and maintain the wellness of the affected areas throughout the course of their life. 


Monthly Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a great way to commit to receiving regular treatments that help prevent further development of lymphedema issues and help you enjoy your everyday activities with more ease and comfort.

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage Membership program is an easy and affordable way to invest in your health and wellbeing.

A woman lies face up on a massage table with her chest covered by a smal towel. She is relaxed. Her left arm is held out while a bodywork therapist performs manual lymphatic drainage around her armpit area.
Jami (the bodywork therapist) is shown from waist up in grey scrubs. She is white, with purple hair and red glasses frames; she has a slight smile.

I've been certified in and practicing the Chickly method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) since 2008 and became double certified in 2022 by training in the Vodder method through the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS.)

This work is soothing to the nervous system, relaxing, and subtle, but it also can have profound effects on how your body heals and maintains itself. 

Lymphatic Drainage is beneficial to your health from the very first session. I currently work with clients in phase one lymphedema and for those seeking to prevent lymphedema or maintain their lymphedema treatment after complete decongestive therapy. 

For this reason, I offer a Monthly MLD Subscription. This allows you to have one 90 Minute MLD session per month, at a reduced cost  - that addresses problem areas, as well as treats the whole body for overall well-being. When you have a monthly subscription you also receive 15% off of additional appointments as needed during the month. 

**For cases of extensive lymphedema or Primary Lymphedema, please seek out a Certified Lymphedema Therapist who can better assist you with Complete Decongestive Therapy. (This requires a more extensive level of training than I am currently trained to do.)
Refer to the Academy of Lymphatic Studies website if you need assistance finding a CLT therapist. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
General Wellness or for *Healt
*such as Secondary Lymphedema/Cancer Recovery, Toxic Mold Recovery, BII Recovery, Autoimmune Conditions, etc. :

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 90 Minutes - 1st Visit:       $150
* First-time clients always receive up to a 15-minute complementary consultation.*
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (single follow-up visit): 
90 Minutes - $145  
75 Minutes - $120  
60 Minutes - $100

Monthly Subscription Option for
Clients with Health Conditions:

90 Minute Subscription Plan - $135 per month  

Membership Benefits:

➢ Enjoy one 90 Manual Lymphatic Drainage session per month.

➢ SAVE 15% on additional services each month.
➢ Roll-over unused sessions to next month. 

Notes About Membership:

• A session consists of the FULL session time.
• You have the entire length of your membership to use your membership services as long as your account is in good standing. Any unused services will expire should you elect to cancel your membership or not to renew your membership.
• Memberships are non-transferable.
• All Memberships are auto-renewable. At the end of the initial term of membership, your dues will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis unless you have elected otherwise on the membership agreement. 

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