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Want even more guidance?

Get the FULL 12 page Comprehensive List 

Want to know that you're doing as much as possible to prepare for surgery?

This is the booklet for you!

What's Included?

  • 7 Original Questions from the Basic List

  • Plus 18 Additional questions...

  • With full explanations of why it's important for you to ask them when interviewing surgeons.

  • And space to document all answers so that you have a quick reference guide when you need it.

  • A list of optional, but helpful supplies to consider when preparing for your recovery period.

  • A BONUS download of additional pre-op & post-op resources and tips for getting better compression from your garments

A young, Black woman with long braids, sits at a desk facing her laptop, she is looking at the screen and smiling.

This Booklet has taken me countless hours of research, compiling information, and first-hand, experience with my clients.


I've listened to all of their concerns, fears, and triumphs. Something that comes up time and time again, is that clients felt that when leaving their surgeon's office, they were happy with their surgery & results, but felt wholly unprepared in knowing how to take care of themselves afterward.


They felt lost, & wondered if they were doing everything right. They often were scared that they were going to do something that might compromise their results.
In most cases, many of their worries would have been alleviated if they would have known which questions to ask their surgeon beforehand.

I believe that the more we know about a topic, the more empowered we feel; especially when it comes to our health & the body we each inhabit. 

I created this booklet so that more people seeking surgery can find the surgeon  who is best suited for them,. But I also created it to help clients understand the process of post-op healing, and how best to advocate for themselves before and after surgery.

It's my hope that having this resource helps you feel more empowered on your cosmetic surgery journey. 

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