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Massage Therapy Sessions

Get the massage you didn't know you needed.

    Is massage really all it's cracked up to be?

It is when your massage therapist takes the time to listen to your needs & concerns, asks the right questions about your health history, and partners with you to craft a session that leaves you thinking "That was exactly what I needed!"

When scheduling a massage appointment you should feel confident that you’re investing your time and money wisely on something that not only help

relieve discomfort and stress, but also help you feel more rejuvenated, balanced, and restored for days to come.

Because massage is more than just the time spent on the massage table. It’s also about learning to recognize patterns in your body and your life, with the guidance of a massage therapist. And how to maintain the benefits of massage long after the session has ended.

It’s my job to utilize my knowledge & years of experience, in combination with my intrinsic intuition, to help you get the most out of your massage and help you keep living the life you love!



We all know how busy life can get.

Sometimes it seems like we have more obligations than time to meet them all. 
So then how can we make sure that we take the time to take care of ourselves? How can we take time to nurture our physical, mental, and spiritual health? Because each of these is interrelated. 

We start with a single step - making the commitment to do so.


What if there was one thing you could do for yourself, once or twice a month that affects all aspects of your health and wellness?
It isn't a magic pill, (little secret: There are none.) It's a massage. 
Granted, massage can't "fix" everything, nor can it "cure." But it's an excellent investment in preventative health!
It can impact the body's musculature so that you can 
stay on track toward your fitness goals. Or it can help ease the discomfort of working on that project deadline at your computer all week so that you can look forward to enjoying your weekend at ease. 
But massage also does more.
It reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and it affects the body's other neurohormones, like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. In short, this means that massage can 
help you sleep more soundly, increase productivity in your waking life - making it easier for you to focus on those important work projects, and it can even ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, regular massage therapy has the potential to be a preventative measure against certain health ailments. 
Not only can it help you keep living an 
active lifestyle, but many clients seek massage after an accident, fall, or routine surgery, to help them increase mobility and get back on their feet more quickly (with a doctor's consent, of course.)


White Satin

- Yvonne

What Clients Are Saying :

“ My first time at Blue Lotus was awesome! This is the first time that I actually felt like I was going to fall asleep I was so relaxed. So many times I go for massage in the past and because I’m a runner and work out, I think the expectation is that you have to be rough when in reality I just need to be relaxed! Jami is very talented and very knowledgeable. Anyone who goes to see her is in for a treat!

Your Massage Experience Includes:

  • Time to talk about your goals for the session and your overall care. (Your 1st appointment will include an extra 10 -15-minute consultation prior to the massage, to ensure we discuss all of your goals, needs, and concerns.)

  • A blend of massage techniques, specifically customized to meet your unique needs, based on our conversation.  

  • A hot towel applied to the feet, to start your relaxation experience. 

  • A massage table lined with a super soft memory foam cushion and a fleece table warmer.

  • The sounds of a small water feature and soft, relaxing music. (Unless otherwise requested.)

  • 60-minute sessions usually allow for enough time for a full body massage.
    This includes massage to the back, shoulders, hips, and glutes (these are addressed through the top sheet - see the FAQ page for more information on this,) as well as the backs of the legs while the client is face down. 
    The massage to the front of the body includes the feet, front of the legs, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and the scalp, face, and jaw if the client requests so.
    Massage can also be applied by request) to the abdomen or belly to address digestive issues, scar tissue after healing from surgery, and menstrual issues for women.
    *But note you may also request specific work to an area, but this may leave a little less time for a typical full-body session. 

  • 75-minute or 90-minute sessions are generally the most effective for blending both a full body massage (as detailed above) and incorporating specific or deep tissue work to an area of need or concern. 


Click Here to see a list of  Frequently Asked Questions about Massage Therapy. 

Session Lengths Explained

Investment Per Session :

60 Minute, Customized Massage Therapy Session  

75 Minute, Customized Massage Therapy Session  

90 Minute, Customized Massage Therapy Session  




*See the following page for massage packages that allow you to buy in bulk, and save money in the long run!*
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