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Wellness Packages

If you have areas of chronic tension or pain that you're experiencing and want to actively start improving, massage packages are the perfect option to begin that journey toward wellness.

Invest in your health today and save a little money while you're at it! - By purchasing your massage sessions in bulk with a Wellness Package. 
You can even schedule all of your appointments out online at your convenience. 

Let's get you back on track to feeling your best!

  5  x  60 Minute Massage Sessions       -  $500

  5  x  75 Minute Massage Sessions       -  $600

  5 x  90 Minute Massage Sessions       -   $700

Have questions about which session length might be best for you? Read more by clicking HERE .
Or send me a message.

*Packages may be shared with family members and friends. This information will be recorded on the original purchaser's package. 
Packages expire 3 years after the original purchase date. 

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